History of Blood Bikes in Ireland

Following on from the success of Blood Bikes in the UK the service has moved to Ireland. Prior to 2012 there were no Blood Bike Groups in Ireland but today there are 7 groups operating in Ireland covering a vast area of the country. Blood Bike Leinster are one of these groups.

Blood Bike Leinster are a charity set up and equipped to transport blood, samples and urgent tests for hospitals in the mid Leinster area.
We use motorcycles to transport these items due to their manoeuvrability, versatility and fuel economy. Blood Bike Leinster’s highly visible vehicles are equipped to the highest standards and are excellent at manoeuvring through traffic. Blood Bike Leinster is an entirely volunteer run organisation. 100% of the money donated goes directly into the running costs of the service and as its administration is staffed by volunteers we spend no money on administration, wages or expenses. None of the volunteers receive any expenses or any monetary reward for their time.

We set this charity up to save our health service money so that more resources can be diverted into patient care as currently a substantial amount of money is being spent on transporting these items. It is our aim to cut the expenditure in this area and in the process try to increase the resources available to our local hospitals and in turn the local community.

Blood Bike Leinster are very committed to our service and when others are settling down on a rainy night, we are heading out onto the roads of Leinster to provide our service. Obviously safety is our primary concern so when the weather is not suitable such as high winds or icy roads we do use four wheeled vehicles to ensure the safety of our volunteers and our cargo. Our motorcycles are fitted to the highest emergency service standards with emergency blue lights, reflective decals and of course a professional rider. All of our riders are regularly assessed on their skills and are constantly training and up skilling all at their own expense. 

Blood Bike Leinster are also trained and qualified in GDP (Good distribution practice) which guarantees traceability and quality assurance of all our cargo, this was completed in conjunction with PLS Pharma.
We receive no government grants and are totally dependent on the goodwill of the public on our collection days. We always welcome any kind of donation or sponsorship and donations can be made via our website (PayPal) through the post, at one of our collection days or through our text donation service. Blood Bike Leinster are full members of Nationwide association of Blood Bikes in the UK which have 50 years of experience and are of great assistance due to their wealth of knowledge.

In Ireland nobody comes together more than bikers to raise money for charity. Every week there are Motorcycle clubs having sponsored runs for very worthy causes. Motorcyclists really come together when it comes to being active in society and so many of work for the same goals and Blood Bike Leinster is another part of that.
We enjoy our work immensely and whether its meeting people at our flag days taking photos and chatting with people, delivering milk into a maternity ward or delivering samples for Barretstown we all find it very rewarding and we are extremely proud of what we do.

You can donate to our service also by texting to our text donate service below.

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